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Model number: CHS-40sp

Function Features
  • Bottom dead centre under decelerate-loading design,B.D.C residence time increased by more than 80%
  • Oblique body design structure reduces punching deformation, reducing power losses and increased rigidity.
  • Integral high rigidity cast steel body structure guaranteed overall strength and adopts FEA to optimize its design.
  • As-cast finished go through annealing, rough machining and vibration aging treatment for stress relief to ensure long-term high precision.
  • Inverted dynamic balancing device to achieve high speed stability.
  • Gantry type design could minimize deformation of body structure.
  • Apply high pressure oil on crankshaft centre to minimize the risk of pipe breakage.
  • Manual die height adjustment equipped with digital die height indicator and hydraulic slide locking device to ensure product accuracy.
  • PLC screen display press angle, tachogram, fault signal and others information.
Bolster Areamm650*500*90
Slide Areamm600*400
Slide Adjustmentmm30
Bed Openingmm(500)400*100
Window width (Left & Right)mm310
Main MotorHPxP10 x 4
kWxP7.5 x 4
Gross Weight (approx.)kg4800
Lubrication Automatic Lubrication (Thermostat oil cooler)
Speed Control Inverter
Clutch & Brake Air & Friction
Auto Top Stop T.D.C
Shock Absorber Damper