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Model number: MX-60

Function Features
  • Extensive Tri-round Guide Pole Design
    Extensive Tri-round guide pole design solves the problem of off-center loading capacity against C Frame presses. It enhances the stability of machine accuracy while on initial feeding, end using and mold off-center loading.
  • Added Upper Guide Pole Design
    Additional one upper guide pole to form two upper guide poles and two lower guide poles is fundamental to the extensive Tri-round guide pole design. Thus, steel tube plus tri guide pole design optimizes C frame presses against deformation of cast iron.
  • Gantry-like Innovative design
    1. Innovative space design eased the use of mold and achieved all-sided opening space.
    2. High pressure oil applied on crankshaft centre, enclosed design of top body and closed oil chamber of bottom body to ensure excellent oil and dust resistant.
    3. MX Patented Thermal Balancing System (TBS) optimized the accuracy control of slider B.D.C., it will be more impressively precise no matter under cool/hot machine in use, long time running or moving with variable speed.
    4. Heavier body and stronger punching force redefined its value-creating as well as substantially expands the range of applications.
Bolster Areamm900*470*130
Slide Areamm640*320
Slide Adjustmentmm50
Bed Openingmm(700) 550*110
Main MotorHP/kW15 / 11
Gross Weight (approx.)kg8200
Lubrication Automatic Lubrication
Speed Control Inverter
Clutch & Brake Air & Friction
Auto Top Stop T.D.C
Shock Absorber Damper / Spring Damper